Volunteer Thank You

Sometimes Superheros are disguised as Moms, Dads, and Grandparents!  A gigantic Thank You goes out to the following families for their help in running a successful Grand Prize Party.  Van Arsdale kids are so lucky to have you in their community:

Kristy and Josh Larsen

Jeanne Smith

LeaAnn Ziebold

Janelle Fuller

Jeff & Tiffany Boswell

Jodi Steinwagner

Deb Mazotti

Crystal Lazaroff

Lana Hearne

Jorgina Rumley

Brandy Kartchner

Tony Baskall

Matt & Heather Haxmeier

Tad & Trina Burton & friend Tony

Jaci Turner

The Hickam Family

Geof from Big Time

The Anderson Family

As always, Thank You to our very accommodating teachers and support staff for allowing us to run this event.  We appreciate everything you do for our children.

And a Super Thank You to Big Time Trampoline and A Advantage Limousine for providing our entertainment!  Please be sure to patronize and pass along these companies to your friends, they were wonderful to work with and so very generous to Van Arsdale.  Arvada is lucky to have such great family friendly companies living and working alongside us.

And finally, a Super Gigantic Thank You to our awesome Principal Mrs. Chapla!  She allowed 140 very excited children spray her with cans of Silly String.