Box Tops raised over $1000!

Thanks to all of you who submitted box tops for our fall drive!  We raised $1,020.60 with your help!  Congratulations to the following classroom winners:
Mrs. Thompson – 1,711 (pizza party)
Mr. VanderLaan – 1,231 (ice cream party)
Mrs. Nellans – 873 (ice cream party)
And a special shout out to Trey Carter in Mrs. Thompson’s class who alone submitted over 700 box tops! Way to go Trey!
Thank you to all of our parent/grandparent volunteers who helped cut and count – we couldn’t have done it without you:
Tiffany Herron (co-chair)
Tiffanie Weston (co-chair)
Steve & Toni Schreivogel
Sarah Demers
Theresa Quaratino
Dina Hildebran
Jean Capurro
Sara Metz
Becky Schell
Amber Oeltjenbruns
Maryann Roth
Lorie Brotherton