Business Sponsors

Thank you for your participation in our Business Sponsor Program. Please fill in the form below and render payment or provide proof of a $50+ in-kind donation to the Van Arsdale PTSA. All checks need to be made out to Van Arsdale PTSA. Van Arsdale PTSA reserves the right to reject a Business Sponsor application should that business violate any National PTA or Jeffco Schools District policy and/or standards.

Advertising Benefits for Business Sponsors: Our Business Sponsors will receive advertising in the following ways for their partnership for the school year. Business logos must be uploaded to the Van Arsdale PTSA website and must be business card size or smaller.

•Business fliers provided to us will be displayed in the front entrance of the school

•Business logo displayed on the Van Arsdale PTSA Website

•Business logo displayed in the Van Arsdale PTSA weekly email communication

•Business logo displayed in the Van Arsdale printed directory if membership is approved by October 20th

•Businesses that contribute an in-kind donation of $50 or more to our Silent Auction will receive recognition

in conjunction with our Silent Auction event

Print the Business Membership Form or fill out the following form.

  • Business Information

  • This should be a scanned image that you would like us to use on our website and directory to advertise your business. JPG or PDF only.
  • Payment